Simmons® NeckCare 1

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Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow is the first pocketed coil pillow in the bedding industry. It has an air reservoir supported by pocketed coils, which are wrapped with fibre pockets that enhance durability. The Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow is as special on the outside as it is on the inside. All raw materials used are of the best quality. It is made with 100% premium cotton twill, tastefully trimmed with embroidered logo. It is also non-allergenic and bacteria-free, making it safe for all.

  • Pocketed Coil (Soft)

Approx. 48cm x 76cm (19-30”)

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  • Ideal Spinal Alignment

    Designed to suit back, side or stomach (front/forward) sleepers as the vary degree of firmness keeps one to stay comfortably cadled in whatever the sleeping position is.

  • Soft & Plump

    Need not puff up your pillow to enjoy the plump and softness of the pillow.

  • Instant Adaptability

    Natural spinal alignment for a deserved ache-free sleep.

  • Active Contour

    The 60 individually-wrapped pocketed coils react independently and are able to adapt to any head shape, weight and movement.

  • Controlled MicroClimate

    Air pockets inside each pillow is about 12 litres (2.96 gallons). When pressure is applied, air flow out releasing heat and moisture. The outward air flow helps maintain comfortable air climate.

  • Non-Allergenic

    Non-allergenic and bacteria-free materials and fabric.

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